Alone or as part of a larger security package, AI security cameras are an excellent choice for the automated home. Our camera systems are fully integrated for video surveillance from remote locations for any device. This means you can watch over your property from your smart phone, computer, or tablet any time of the day from anywhere.

Our security camera surveillance systems are best paired with a customized, integrated automation system. We program your devices – from computers and tablets to smart phones and remotes – to interact with existing and emerging technologies, giving you full control over your home and its safety. Your security camera and surveillance system can be connected to the same devices that operate your audio/video distribution system, lighting controls, energy management, appliances, and Internet. We use new innovations and interface, along with flexible wiring infrastructure, source interconnection, and remote control integration to keep your automation system under your full control and help it meet your individual needs.

AI security camera installations are also equipped to provide data analytics to each client. This includes information about light, movement, and entry times and locations around your home and property. The data can be used to better understand your security needs, helping you and AI provide the security and automation system you deserve.