Unlike other companies, who offer glorified one-size-fits-all automation systems, AI is dedicated to listening to our clients and providing them with tailored security systems to meet their needs. We rely on a holistic, strategic technology approach to provide physical and visual integration systems for our clients. This approach inspires innovative solutions to make your home or commercial property safe.

By using the latest technological innovations and our own expertise, AI offers security that is both cutting-edge and intelligent. These innovations include electronic locks, cameras and lighting controls, a Panic Room, pool sensors, and carbon dioxide, smoke, motion and glass-break detectors. The integration of these multiple security and safety components work as one depending on the event of potential security threat. This means that no matter what happens, your AI security system will react accordingly to protect you, your family, and your property.

We work with you to ensure the security system will meet your needs and expectations, as well as anticipate other unforeseen issues. AI security systems work together with other installations in your home to provide the greatest amount of protection. This integrated, forward-thinking approach uses proven technology and implements emerging innovations to make your home secure and “Future Ready.”