Home Automation & Lighting Control Systems | Atlanta, GA

AI offers intelligent, network-based lighting systems to help clients do more than light their homes. Every lighting system is integrated into a home or facility’s network, delivering greater control and convenience to each of our clients. These systems not only satisfy building codes, but can also be designed to comply with green building and energy conservation programs. This allows our clients to maximize the energy savings, security, and convenience from their lighting systems.

Used as part of a residential energy management system, your lighting usage adds to the information gathered to provide data analytics on total energy consumption. This analysis can help you better understand your lighting and other energy habits, presenting opportunities for greater conservation and energy-use improvement.

As part of a larger automation system, your lighting in the entire house can be integrated with the audio/video distribution, energy management, camera and security system, appliances, and Internet connections within your home. The fully integrated home network serves to address multiple needs and desires, and is conveniently controlled by any linked device – such as a smart phone, computer, tablet, or remote control. This means you can adjust the lighting and monitor other systems in any part of your house from anywhere at any point in time.