AI believes in borrowing from the “Internet of Things” to develop connected systems of value. By using the latest electronics innovations, we are able to provide our clients with creative solutions to energy management that are tailored and specified to each home. Whether your motivation is fiscal responsibility or environment conservation, our energy management systems allow clients to obtain their energy management goals at low cost and with minimal effort.

AI works with your electrical contractor to design and implement an alternative and managed energy solution. This includes designing systems that centrally control devices like HVAC units, appliances, and lighting across multiple locations. Energy management systems can also provide metering, sub-metering, and monitoring functions that allow facility and building managers to gather the data and insight needed to make more informed decisions about energy activities.

By using new innovations in electronics and our expertise with automation and connectivity, AI is able to make each system user-friendly and tailored for your property. These custom-built systems give each client control over their energy use and provide you with the data analytics to understand how to best manage that control. Our holistic, strategic technology approach allows us to offer innovative integration solutions for your specific energy management needs.